Zero Trust Security Solution for
Hybrid & Multi-Clouds

The only SSO with MFA solution that blocks 99% of external threats.

Blocking Threats and Attacks

Login Shielding

Preventing connection to all unauthorized devices. Devices & users are paired together.

Securing The network PATH

Advanced End-To-End Encryption

Creating a Zero Trust network by using a Bidirectionally Authenticated End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) via Advanced TLS.

TLS1.2 & 1.3, PFS, Adv. E2EE-TLS


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA with password via Mobile device Push or OTP code.

improved USER experience

Passwordless MFA

MFA with passwordless login to control access per application or site.

ULTRA Security

Passwordless MFA

Designed for highly secure environments like government, financial, and critical industries (CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, TOPSECRET)


Cost Savings

Reduce operating and maintenance costs on threat monitoring, logging, bandwidth, login and access control

Threat Protection

Prevents many cyber threats (MITM, redirections, password based attacks)

Secure Network

No VPN, MPLS, SDN needed.
Protects wireless networks (5G/LTE/Wifi)

Universal Interface

Supports major SSO protocols (SAML2/OAUTH2)

Device & User Pair Validation

Part of login is validating device & user pair.


Several tiered levels of MFA offered
for each application or site.

New Zero Trust Kubernetes & Container Services Available Now

Choose your plan

Minimum annual contract. Multi-year contract available. Discounts for annual payments and multi-year contracts*.
Basic plans are not based on devices. Progressive pricing model is used.


$ 12
00 Per User Monthly
  • 100~3k Users*
  • SMB


$ 11
00 Per User Monthly
  • 3k~10k Users
  • Large Business


$ 10
00 Per User Monthly
  • 10k+ Users
  • Corp.